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Our rooms are available on an hourly basis with a 2 hour minimum for Standard Rehearsal and Production Rooms, and a 5 hour minimum for our Showcase Room. Every room is also available for daily lockouts, which includes from 9am-midnight, and leaving your gear setup overnight for consecutive days. Our showcase room and Production Suite are also now available for Special Events! Please call for more info!

Standard Rehearsal

$31/hr starting on or before 3pm

$36/hr starting after 3pm

Maximum of 8 people.


$360 per day

Production Rooms


3 Hour Minimum

Maximum of 12 people.


$600 per day

Showcase Room

Not available hourly.

Maximum of 20 people. 


$900 per day

Production Suite

Not available hourly. 
Suite now includes additional Kitchenette/Mix Room!


$1,450 per day

All prices are non-negotiable. Cancellations are with one days notice per hour booked, with no exceptions. Patrons who fail to give this notice for cancellations will be held responsible to pay for the entire price of their rehearsal time booked.

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